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Why Should I Use a Speakers Bureau?

In this high-tech world of search engine optimization on Google, Bong, or whatever search platform you use, individual speakers and bureaus alike are vying for your clicks to their site whenever you search the term "KEYNOTE SPEAKER" or hundreds of similar keynote search terms. As a buyer however, how do you know which ad to click on when these links show up on your screen?
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At Rave Speakers, we firmly believe in a term coined by Professor Barry Nalebuff (the founder of the Honest Tea brand): Co-opetition. Prof Nalebuff believes that your competitors are effectively your allies in this sales process. So while it may seem that other speakers as well as other speakers bureaus are selling speakers (or themselves) on topics specific to your search, it’s a wide open market with many many fine options to consider.

We’ve been booking speakers for corporate meetings since 1986. Close to 10,000 events. We study TED Talks, The New York Times bestseller lists, Industry trends and more in order to have the most current options in the industry to fit the parameters of your next meeting. It’s that know-how that our meeting professional customers expect.

Reasons you, the meeting professional buyer, should use a speakers bureau:

  1. The price for your speaker is the same whether you book directly with that speaker or with an agency. Almost all business keynote speakers today have what’s known as a “gross” fee that includes any commissions paid to an agency or Speakers Bureau. It’s much the same as a real estate transaction between real estate brokers.
  2. If you choose to book directly with a speaker though (bypassing a speakers bureau) and that speaker for some reason needs to back out of your date at the last minute, you could be put in a very awkward bind. A speakers bureau will have a multitude of similar options to fit your same budget at a moment’s notice. A speaker who has been forced to back out of your engagement for whatever reason will likely tell you that they owe you one.
  3. Your speakers bureau agent will have a good understanding of who’s a perfect fit based on your meeting parameters. At Rave Speakers, our customers regularly reach out to us asking if we know a particular speaker and if they’d be a good fit for a meeting. With 35 years of experience in the corporate lecture industry, not only will we likely know this keynote speaker of interest and be able to share meeting industry peers to give honest reviews of their abilities at the podium, but we’ll be able to arrange a brief introductory call between speaker and customer to test the fit.
  4. A speakers bureau will have an industry standard Appearance Agreement that is recognized and accepted by all speakers. Key issues of cancellation, social media postings, and usage of any recording of this keynote are covered by contract and any issues are easily resolved with a speakers bureau involved in the process.
  5. Once the deal has been signed, your Speakers Bureau will likely have a dedicated logistics person assigned to your meeting. This ensures the smooth delivery of your keynote speaker to your meeting. Kiera Reilly leads the logistics team at Rave Speakers

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