Allison Massari

Artist, Inspirational Storyteller, Healthcare expert

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Allison Massari

Artist, Inspirational Storyteller, Healthcare expert



If you had been at GE’s Centricity LIVE, you could have seen the three-minute standing ovation that Allison got after her talk yesterday.

Vice President and General Manager
GE Healthcare IT

Triumph Through Change

Live with Heart
Master Adversity


When we first met Allison Massari and asked her what kind of speaker she is, she told us that she was in the category of ‘overcoming adversity’, but to know Allison’s work is to realize that particular description dramatically sells her short. Yes, Allison has certainly had some tremendous adversity that’s she overcome; she was hit in her car by another vehicle going 60 miles an hour and if not for the courage of a passing Vietnam vet who pulled her from the burning wreckage, she would have burned to death. As it happened, she ended up with burns over almost all of her body as well as a severe brain injury but she didn’t give up… she unrelentingly sought out treatment after treatment, and finally, years later, made a remarkable recovery.

Allison story is one of perseverance, courage, family and more than anything, spiritual growth. She’s a wonderful storyteller who combines the talent of a Tony winning stage actress with a universal story that never fails to move an audience. And, because she’s gone through the healthcare system herself, she offers an insider’s look to that world that is very unique and powerful.

During her spectacular keynote speech Allison assumes the role of a fantasy character and demonstrates a role play she did as a child with her father (she was known as super spy “Natasha”). As she takes us through her story, that role of “Natasha” takes on an even deeper meaning.

For healthcare audiences, it’s a remarkable keynote about the power of compassion and what lies beneath the veil of modern medicine. Allison shares how a caregiver, with even a few extra seconds of compassionate attention, has the ability to completely change a patient’s life and attitude about their own outcome and survival.

For general audiences, it’s a talk about someone who has an unrelenting desire to find an answer to her pain and her injuries, even in the face of continual rejection, hardship and failure. It won’t fail to inspire!

Allison is also an artist who shares her art from the stage but mostly, she’s one of us.

She experienced a terrible tragedy and not only eventually found her way back to recovery, she went on a spiritual journey where she truly learned the power of love, forgiveness and self -acceptance. And that’s the message she shares with audiences – how do we not only only cope with adversity, but triumph over it and how do we find the way to love and accept ourselves and others.

She asks us to consider the questions we need to ask ourselves about what blocks us from finding true joy, true self acceptance and allowing ourselves to connect fully with other people. She asks us to consider forgiving those who have judged us harshly. This is a keynote speech that reminds us all of the power of love and compassion, and of what can happen when we embrace our shared humanity.

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