Dick Vermeil

"Super Bowl Champion Coach and Leadership Expert"

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Dick Vermeil

"Super Bowl Champion Coach and Leadership Expert"


Coach Vermeil was great!! On point, funny, energetic, etc. He “weaved” our company & our objectives into his talk as promised. He was very well received & appreciated by everyone………tell him thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Director of Meetings and Conventions
Arch Mortgage Insurance Company

7 Common Sense Principles of Leadership


“Coach Dick Vermeil has spent over 32 years of his life coaching, 20 of those years as a head coach and 15 years head coaching in the NFL. He’s spent his entire career helping others to be the best they can be. He reminds audiences that when you’re in a leadership position that’s exactly your sole responsibility – help your players, your team members, your family to perform at their highest level.

In his Keynote speech, Coach Vermeil has developed 7 Common Sense Principles of Leadership.

Here are a few of those key principles:

The first foundation of being a good leader is to Make sure everyone knows you care. Dick would always remind himself about his own teams that “players don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” And, that “very few people give their best, to the people they like the least”.

Be A Good Example – Your team will not be what you are not! You’ve got to be a great example in everything from how you handle adversity to how motivated you are. Do you come to work intending to win? Do you come to work trying to get better? As a leader, never assume you’re not being evaluated!

Create an atmosphere in which people enjoy working. It’s so important that you look forward to going to an office and being with people who care about you because you care about them.

Define Why Your Team Is Coming to the Office. Have a set plan for how to win. Be willing to delegate responsibilities to people that can likely do things better than you. To be able to delegate isn’t a sign of laziness, it’s telling people that you trust them.

Coach Vermeil is not only a terrific keynote speaker, he’s a wonderful person to have at your event and is a tremendous addition to a VIP Meet & Greet or a lunch/dinner event. It’s rare to meet a warmer person and we’re proud to represent him.”

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