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Keynote SpeakerDon Brooks

Fitness Trainer to the Stars

Keynote SpeakerDon Brooks

Fitness Trainer to the Stars

Speaking Fee: $15,000 or less

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Don Brooks is the fitness trainer to the stars. From the Kardashian Crew to a lineup of A-list celebrities and sports stars, Don is an expert in achieving fat-burning results and driving bodies to their peak performance. As he engages your attendees on a 15-60 minute Zoom workout, they’ll get a full range of cardio and resistance exercises with stretches and hydration techniques in between. Every level of fitness is invited to attend this memorable class–and your attendees will thank you for this great decision to add Don Brooks to your next virtual agenda.

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"Don’s morning workout was just what our virtual team needed!"

- Director Human Resources - Ford

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"Don Brooks: A seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in the realms of finance, technology, and compliance. Don Brooks has made a lasting impact in the financial world through his notable tenure with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), where his expertise has been instrumental in shaping strategies to combat financial crimes and ensure regulatory compliance. His visionary leadership and strategic acumen have been pivotal in safeguarding the integrity of financial systems and institutions, highlighting his commitment to upholding ethical standards and transparency in the industry.Beyond the realm of finance, Don Brooks has also left his mark in the technology sector, notably during his time at Texas Instruments, a renowned global technology company. His influence on innovation and business development within the organization has been profound, contributing to the advancements in technology that have shaped industries worldwide. Through his strategic initiatives and forward-thinking approach, Don has played a key role in driving growth and enhancing competitiveness in the ever-evolving tech landscape.Don's expertise at the intersection of finance and technology underscores his holistic understanding of the modern business landscape, where digital transformation and regulatory compliance are paramount. His ability to navigate complex regulatory environments while fostering innovation and sustainable growth sets him apart as a versatile leader with a knack for driving success in dynamic and challenging industries. Don Brooks continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of finance and technology, exemplifying excellence, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all his endeavors."

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