Emmitt Smith

NFL All-time Leading Rusher; Best-selling Business and Real Estate magnate

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Emmitt Smith

NFL All-time Leading Rusher; Best-selling Business and Real Estate magnate


"Emmitt Smith spoke about the importance of remaining focused, whether on the football field or in business. He taught us that success isn’t possible without teamwork, perseverance and sacrifice."

Conference Coordinator
Billings Chamber of Commerce

Find Your Purpose - Pursue Your Dreams


Emmitt Smith’s inspiring keynote speech is all about dreaming, goal setting and making the impossible a reality.

He prepared himself with a vision from the time he was 7 years old. Along the way, he had people that lent a hand that he now calls his angels; men and women who inspired a young kid sitting alone in the projects to realize that he could actually have goals and maybe even succeed with them.

As a keynote speaker, Emmitt tells the story of how in 1990 he was sitting in his apartment thinking about his goals for the next year. He imagined that he could be the NFL’s all time leading rusher and wrote that goal down on a single sheet of paper. 12 years later, he was on the field with one play to go in order to attain that very same goal.

When Emmitt speaks, he tells audiences that preparation plus opportunity equals success. It’s not a football talk, but a keynote speech that reminds us all that what we achieve in the world very often starts with a vision or dream.

When Emmitt retired from the Dallas Cowboys, he befriended Roger Staubach and asked him to mentor him in the real estate development business. He’s now a full-time developer and entrepreneur. His construction and real estate development and investment company ESmith Legacy focuses on construction and property solutions geared to minority development as well as multi-family housing, retail opportunities, and hospitality-based businesses. His Emmitt Smith Enterprises oversees his brand and the further development of Emmitt’s public image: endorsements, advertising, #22 jerseys and other related Cowboys game products, public relations opportunities and of course speaking engagements.

As a keynote speaker, Emmitt Smith has few rivals. Emmitt’s speech talks to the points he makes in his bestselling book Game On: Find Your Purpose-Pursue Your Dreams. The importance of family, the belief in coaching, and a strong belief in yourself will give you the tools it takes to be a winner in life. Emmitt discusses how the continuous hard work that he showed during high school, college, and professional football to gain those successes on the field are the basis for his business achievements. And he shares how important those loyal relationships from his youth football days continued through his life to mentor him as he now mentors others.

After Emmitt Smith’s keynote speech, he spends time with audience members at a reception for autographs and photographs. Your audience will line up for a handshake from one of the most personable sports celebrities on the planet.

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