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Keynote SpeakerErik Wahl

Internationally known Graffiti Artist and Creative Thought Leader

Keynote SpeakerErik Wahl

Internationally known Graffiti Artist and Creative Thought Leader

The Spark and The Grind - The Discipline of Creativity
Speaking Fee: $35,000 - $80,000

Erik Wahl Speaker Profile

“Internationally recognized graffiti artist, and a #1 best selling business author Erik Wahl asks audiences to think about the value of a creative idea or as he would say in his inventive, high energy performance-keynote “what’s the ROI of a creative idea?” – what’s the value of a truly differentiated strategy in the marketplace and how do you get there?”

An Erik Wahl keynote is not only exciting to watch (especially given the incredible artistry, fantastic music and stage theatrics) but more importantly, it’s liberating. He reminds audiences of the power of risk taking and offers them a road map toward the the freedom to make mistakes. As he would say, “if we’re stigmatizing mistakes, then we’re made to be afraid to be wrong”. Erik helps us all see that it’s only when we allow for the willingness to make a mistake that we’re fully able to tap into the richness of our own creativity.

For Erik, art is metaphor for thinking. He believes that anyone can be taught to be an artist, just like they can learn a language or mathematics, but feels that the value of art isn’t just in making a product, but in creating new ways of thinking. Creativity is a muscle that responds to practice, and with that practice comes more and more mental dexterity. In a world where speed is the watchword of business, the ability to problem solve on one’s feet, combined with the willingness to take a risk are the true building blocks of innovation and innovative thinking.

What’s the ROI of a creative idea??

To be in an Erik Wahl audience is to see and feel the magic as Erik seemingly throws paint at a canvas, to enthral your attendees as they discover a universally recognizable face newly coming alive on that canvas. It’s more than “how does he do that?” it’s just electric! But more importantly, that new image and that 3 minute segment when you’ve just seen him as a blaze of energy on the stage now becomes re-framed into metaphors for risk, for problem solving, for perspective and for creativity. During the keynote, Erik shares his own story and his own challenges, so audiences realize that he’s also just one of us as he helps everyone to understand that they can find their own roadmap to a new level of freedom, creativity and mind expansion.

As Erik Wahl shares in his one-of-a-kind keynote-performance, just like gratitude is something to be practiced and just like kindness is something to be practiced, so is creativity, curiosity and vision. We may no longer be children, but we can learn to see again through the eyes of a child with a limitless approach to our own next steps.

What’s the ROI of a creative idea??”

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Erik Wahl was the highlight of our entire conference. He captured everyone’s imagination with his creativity and added a whole new dimension to the usual motivational message. Not to mention his artistic finale was a complete knockout!

- Meetings Director - AT&T

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