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Keynote SpeakerKindra Hall

Strategic Storyteller; Author "The Art of Storytelling In Business"

Keynote SpeakerKindra Hall

Strategic Storyteller; Author "The Art of Storytelling In Business"

Keynoter Kindra Hall teaches us how to find our story
Speaking Fee: $25,000 to $50,000

The Art of Storytelling in Business

Keynote speaker Kindra Hall tells us about The Art of Storytelling in Business and how seemingly ordinary people, brands, and companies can become exceptional though the use of proper storytelling. In her fascinating keynote speech, Kindra Hall teaches audiences how to be memorable, influential, compelling, and effective by tapping into something that already exists – their own stories.

Kindra Hall explains that using The Art of Storytelling in Business is a three-part process, which includes:

Finding the story.

Crafting the story for maximum positive emotional impact.

Telling the story in the most memorable way.

Great salespeople and marketing experts tell wonderful stories. Why does this work? Simply because humans are hard-wired to respond to storytelling. People still enjoy sitting around a campfire telling stories; a basic human instinct that dates back to ancient times. Telling stories was always both a way to pass on our culture and entertain us, all at the same time.

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“Your audiences will leave informed and inspired to put storytelling to work for your brands, products and services!”

- Executive Director - American Marketing Association

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Kindra Hall is an expert speaker and gives keynote speeches on:
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