Tim Gard

Humorist, Thought Leader, Stress Reducer, Kindness Promoter, Safety Expert

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Tim Gard

Humorist, Thought Leader, Stress Reducer, Kindness Promoter, Safety Expert


“Tim Gard was evaluated as the best speaker we have ever had!”

Meetings and Events Coordinator
US Bank

The Strategic Use of Humor

A Simple Kindness
Sticky Safety


“As one of only 150 keynote speakers in the Speaker Hall of Fame, Tim Gard will surely have your audience rolling in the aisles with laughter; but Tim isn’t a comedian, he’s a humorist and he shares his brilliant and innovative perspective on life and work with audiences around the world.

Keynote speaker Tim Gard helps groups understand techniques they can use to reframe and rethink their situational stressors and the challenging things that happen to them. Using humor and awesome stagecraft, Tim teaches audiences easily understandable ways to gain more control over how they choose to react to anything that comes their way.


His simple and classic concept of ‘Bummer and Whoo Hoo” is a perfect example. When something happens that would cause most of us to have an immediate stress reaction, Tim instead chooses to simply say “Bummer”. When something good happens, Tim shouts out “Whoo Hoo!” (and when he has audiences say it with him, he reminds them that “sometimes you just say it in your mind!”).

In his hysterical keynote speech, Tim tells the story of how he was leaving home to go to a speaking engagement and that when he walked outside to his driveway, he discovered a car had hit his mailbox. His response? “Bummer”. Then, he gets to the Denver airport and starts looking for a parking space. He sees a guy in the lot who is so frustrated about how long it’s taking to find a spot, he’s pounding his hands onto the dash. Tim drives around him, immediately finds a parking spot and says to himself “Whoo Hoo!”. He gets to the boarding gate only to learn that his flight has been cancelled… “Bummer” but… he was so nice about it with the gate agent, she decided to upgrade him to first class – “Whoo Hoo!”. When he gets to the plane, he’s notified that “there’s only one class of service on this flight”!!! –“Bummer”!

And so it goes. From Tim Gard’s perspective, life is simply a series of Bummer and Whoo Hoo’s and if we use that approach and reduce our dramatic response to the more difficult things that happen to us, we can be happier, more effective at work and overall, just simply healthier.


Keynote speaker Tim Gard is a thought leader, an attitude and happiness presenter and also has a new module he calls “A Simple Kindness” (or what many of his audiences think of as ‘the business advantages of kindness’). He explains that United Airlines lost over a half Billion dollars over the viral video that showed the way they threw a man off their plane, kicking and screaming. Tim says that if they’d just given that man a Million dollars cash, they’d have come out way ahead. He believes that kindness should be an integral part of business plans and corporate policies. Most importantly, Tim wants businesses to care for their most important asset – their customers.

Tim teaches groups around the world how to laugh at themselves and how to find humor in small things. His on-stage artistry is like none other. Your audience will be roaring with laughter while they’re learning hugely important skills – actionable steps they can take to diminish their stress, increase their joy and most importantly, connect more with other people. Tim reminds us that most of us are lost in our thoughts, our own worlds and our own cell phones and that we’re sadly missing out on human connection. One of many gifts of Tim Gard’s incredible keynote is that he shows is audiences how humor connects us, or as he would say, “we all laugh and smile in the same language.”

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