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NASCAR Pit Crew Team Building: The ultimate Team activity comes to your next meeting venue!

Meet Andy Papathanassiou. With 30 years as the Pit Crew Coach of NASCAR’s famed Hendrick Motorsports Team (Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Jr, and Jeff Gordon), this former Stanford University Football Player with a Stanford Graduate Business degree shifted the paradigm of how NASCAR pit crews recruit and develop their teams. Andy’s patented “Over the Wall” […]

How to Introduce a Keynote Speaker

Let’s face it: you could have the best venue ever for this meeting with the best food and the best entertainment and you’ve figured out a way to get each and every potential attendee to confirm they’re coming. But your Keynote Speaker can make or break this conference, and the brief introduction to this speaker should create the excitement in the room that you expect from that standing ovation once your Keynote Speaker drops the mic.

Foolproof process to booking your next keynote speaker

Keynote Speaker Erica Dhawan pictured with her latest book

At Rave Speakers, our many meeting planning customers rely on us for not just the best keynote speaker options for their current meetings; many times they simply need to better understand the booking process for a speaker. Let’s run though the process:

Why Should I Use a Speakers Bureau?

In this high-tech world of search engine optimization on Google, Bong, or whatever search platform you use, individual speakers and bureaus alike are vying for your clicks to their site whenever you search the term “KEYNOTE SPEAKER” or hundreds of similar keynote search terms. As a buyer however, how do you know which ad to click on when these links show up on your screen?

DEI Thought Leader Tyronne Stoudemire

How does Hyatt Hotels’ treat inclusion in their organization? Introducing Tyronne Stoudemire – Hyatt Hotels’ Senior VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion