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3 Major Brands, 3 Standing Ovation women keynote speakers.

If you haven’t yet met Cynt Marshall, Carla Harris, or Susan Salgado–your next audiences are about to benefit.

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These 3 Leading Workforce Architects from major brands are prepared to share key insights with your team on Leadership, Customer experience, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Dallas Mavs CEO Cynt Marshall

Morgan Stanley’s Carla Harris

Culture expert Susan Salgado

If you haven’t yet met Cynt Marshall, Carla Harris, or Susan Salgado–your next audiences are about to benefit.

Cynt Marshall: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban reached out to this longtime AT&T executive to transform the toxic workplace culture that The Mavericks had become. The Marshall Plan (as it’s been coined) quickly became NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s standard for every other team in The NBA to better deal with diversity in management with a focus on preventing workplace harassment. At your next meeting, Cynt Marshall will deliver a heartfelt message of Having the Right Attitude, Leading with Heart, and Diversity & Inclusion. WATCH THIS VIDEO and then call us at (310) 614-8653 to Book Cynt Marshall

Carla Harris is the Senior Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley and a noted authority on Leadership and Diversity (75+ virtual keynote speeches on the subject). As Carla shares, “If you are a powerful, impactful, and influential leader, you must be intentional about diversity because we are all vulnerable to unconscious bias.” In her timely and important keynote, Carla spells out the business case for diversity and inclusion and she notes that diversity, or the lack thereof, can have a huge impact on an organization’s go-to-market strategy. Diversity isn’t nice to have, it’s a must. It should be a the forefront of every business decision. Watch this brief video, and then invite Carla Harris to lead your team’s discussion on Leadership today.


Create an Extraordinary Workplace Culture with Susan Salgado. The co-architect of Shake Shack’s “People First” culture has a brand new talk “Welcome Back!” based on the fact that the hybrid workforce is getting back together–and Susan’s insights to Hiring & Retention, Exceeding your Customers’ Expectations, Leadership at all levels of your Organization, and all-things Culture are that much more effective right now. Susan’s deep-dive sessions offer a totally tailored fit to your company’s needs. Susan is likely booked near you sometime soon; let us arrange a live preview or a pre-booking call for your team today. Call us at (310) 614-8653.

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