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Rave Speakers’ 2023 Top Ten Speakers of The Year

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Each year at Rave Speakers we work hard to identify new faces making waves on the lecture circuit—so that your next meeting has the trending speakers prepared to WOW your audiences. 2023 has been no different, as the strength of Ryan Leak at the podium has been solidly matched by the likes of Erica Dhawan, James Clear, and Cynt Marshall. We’re excited to share these presenters with you as you prepare for your upcoming agendas.

The Top Ten Keynote Speakers of 2023

  1. Ryan Leak

    2022’s Motivational Speaker of the Year continues to be the most requested speaker in America today. Ryan’s latest bestseller is the basis for his new talk Leveling Up: 12 Questions to elevate your Personal and Professional Development.

  2. Erica Dhawan

    The “Oprah of Management Thinking” studies the Digital Body Language that we all use on Zoom calls and shares innovative strategies to unlock the power of teams.

  3. Magic Johnson

    A sure-bet winner. Highest profile, Mega-successful entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Giving Back to the Community.

  4. Nick Tasler

    He studies Change in organizations to deliver tailored talks on Change Leadership meets The Growth Mindset. With over 100 keynotes scheduled in 2023, Nick had a recent 3-straight days of standing ovations for FedEx, Hershey’s, and Wal-Mart.

  5. Mel Robbins

    She first gained fame when The 5 Second Rule became one of the most viewed TED Talks in history. Mel has parlayed that fame into Mega-success as a Life Empowerment authority and the current #1 education podcast in the World.

  6. Cynt Marshall

    was a Human Resources executive at AT&T when Mark Cuban came calling with a problem. His Dallas Mavericks front office had become the epitome of a toxic workplace culture, and new CEO Cynt Marshall not only turned around those issues, she built resilience and created a Business of Excellence.

  7. Jon Dorenbos

    He’s used the Art of Magic to overcome life-or-death challenges in his life, and this former Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro and America’s Got Talent finalist will provide your audience with a spectacle of a Stage Show that includes Inspiration and Magic.

  8. Susan Salgado

    was part of the initial team that developed the People First culture at the hugely successful Shake Shack chain of restaurants, and her studies on Creating Exceptional Customer Service have become the basis for her speaking and consulting empire.

  9. Jesse Cole

    He’s got the ultimate entrepreneur’s success story. Bought the fledgling Savannah Bananas minor league baseball team along with their stadium with a simple vision of Mega-Popularity. And it worked. There’s a 90,000 person waiting list for season tickets and sold out exhibition games throughout the country. Jesse’s energy the minute he enters your ballroom is infectious.

  10. James Clear

    He’s taught millions how to build good habits and break bad ones with the success of his bestseller Atomic Habits. A self-improvement strategist, James will share the ways to make small changes to deliver remarkable results.

Rave Speakers’ 2023 Honorable Mention Speakers of The Year

Molly Bloom

Famed Poker star and entrepreneur with an inspirational life story. Molly gave up her Olympic dreams to host high-stakes poker games that formed the basis for the hit film Molly’s Game.

Steve Cadigan

Global Talent Strategist who knows firsthand The Future of Work as well as Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent: at LinkedIn, Steve led the development of their legendary company culture while overseeing the period of LinkedIn’s highest growth.

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