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Foolproof process to booking your next keynote speaker

At Rave Speakers, our many meeting planning customers rely on us for not just the best keynote speaker options for their current meetings; many times they simply need to better understand the booking process for a speaker. Let's run though the process:
Keynote Speaker Erica Dhawan pictured with her latest book
Keynote Speaker Erica Dhawan pictured with her latest book

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Identify your keynote speaker need.

Is this meeting a large Kickoff Sales Conference or is it an Incentive Meeting to honor your Top Producers? Some keynote speakers can energize a Sales team and get them excited for the new year ahead, while other keynote speakers understand the importance of rewarding and recognizing High Performing Individuals. Many times these speakers called on to recognize Winners are themselves Top Performers: Olympic Gold Medalists, Navy Seals, Famed Rock Climbers, NBA and NFL Hall of Famers and Championship Coaches.

Have a good understanding of your budget for this keynote speaker slot.

Your speakers bureau representative will know the fees of some of the best and most popular options to fit your meeting theme. See if these fees fit your budget parameters. If they don’t, there’s two new issues that come into play. First of all, many speakers DO in fact consider offers of less than their normally quoted fees to accept speaking dates IF the meeting is a “glove fit” to that speaker’s calendar. Plus your specific audience may be of keen interest to this speaker. So it never hurts to ask. Next, if the fees for these speakers of interest are too high for your budget and the speakers who have piqued your interest won’t discount their fees, your speakers bureau representative will no doubt have similar options at lower fees for your consideration. This doesn’t mean these are a lower level of speaker by any means; fees are set by keynote speakers based on demand for their services.

Once you’ve identified your keynote speaker of interest and they fit your budget, let’s confirm availability for ameeting.

We reach out to the speaker to confirm availability for this meeting and make all of the necessary arrangements.

Introduction of Keynote Speaker to your Executive & Meeting Planning Team

Let’s introduce other members of your executive and meeting planning team to this speaker of interest. We can easily arrange for you a pre-booking call for 15-30 minutes with any speaker to ensure that you’re comfortable with this speaker leading your keynote session.

Once your team is all on-board, it’s time for the Speaker Agreement.

We send you a Contract for your signature that details the exact date, meeting venue, name of this meeting, fee requirements including travel needs of this keynote speaker, audience demographics, and timing and specific requirements for this keynote speaker. Is there a VIP Meet and Greet or a Photo Line after the talk? A book signing? This needs to be in the original contract up-front so there’s no scheduling surprises once your speaker arrives.

Once you sign this Agreement and send it back to us, we bring the Formal Offer to your keynote speaker.

Once they accept, we countersign that Agreement and return to you with the invoice for this speaker’s fee. And we share with you a photo and biography of your keynoter for your promotion of this speaker to your attendees.

The Pre-Event Call

As we get closer to your meeting date, our team at Rave Speakers will arrange for a pre-event call with your speaker to help them develop their content for this specific audience. Also you will be kept well informed of flight arrivals for ground transportation and hotel reservations (these reservations are typically made by the Sponsoring company).

The Standing Ovation

Be prepared for a standing ovation. Because that’s how we roll at Rave Speakers.

Can we draft your shortlist for you?

Let us do the heavy lifting. Use our questionaire and we can create a shortlist for you.

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