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NASCAR Pit Crew Team Building: The ultimate Team activity comes to your next meeting venue!

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Meet Andy Papathanassiou. With 30 years as the Pit Crew Coach of NASCAR’s famed Hendrick Motorsports Team (Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Jr, and Jeff Gordon), this former Stanford University Football Player with a Stanford Graduate Business degree shifted the paradigm of how NASCAR pit crews recruit and develop their teams. Andy’s patented “Over the Wall” approach to building successful pit crews has led to multiple wins and series championships, but better yet he’s changed the look of the pit crew experience to employ his athletic mindset (teams now practice pit stops and train in a workout facility specifically geared to their needs).

As a keynote speaker or, better yet, as a half-day team building trainer for your next conference, Andy Papathanassiou will share the similarities between the split-second decision making that goes on every NASCAR pit stop and your sales or marketing team’s ability to make focused decisions that lead to winning outcomes. They’ll hear Transformative Leadership, Culture, Disruptive Thinking, and how The Athlete’s Mindset leads to successes. When the actual NASCAR race car and pit crew team of 5-6 are employed, the event takes on a competitive atmosphere—as teams vie for fastest pit stop in a fun and memorable half day experience. Here’s a sample keynote video:

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