Cynt Marshall: From the Dallas Mavericks boardroom to your next podium comes a powerful motivational speaker.

Jon Reede
23 March, 2023 • 0 minutes read

Rave Speakers is proud to represent Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall: She’s the architect of change for an NBA culture that had earned headlines for becoming toxic needed a total upheaval just a few short years ago—and now that culture is the pride of The NBA . Mavericks owner Mark Cuban brought the former AT&T executive on to fix the team’s office culture in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct.

Cynt’s new book “You’ve Been Chosen” is an in-depth look at Resilience, Authenticity, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Watch this interview from last month on PBS:

At the podium, keynote speaker Cynt Marshall is a guaranteed standing ovation. After a recent event for an audience of top performing financial advisors in St. Louis, here’s what our customer had to say: Cynt was AMAZING! She is one of the most gracious, humble, personable, authentic people I have ever met. She received all of us like we were old friends, signed books for us and even recorded a message for an associate on my team who unexpectedly lost her mother and really wanted to meet Cynt. The VIP roundtable was a huge success and very valuable for our attendees. We LOVE her!!!!

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