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FICO World 2023 Raves about Digital Body Language keynote speaker Erica Dhawan

Erica Dhawan is a master keynote speaker on digital body language, collaboration and teamwork. Recent standing ovations from Harry Schein Healthcare Solutions, The University of Michigan's Leadership Summit for Women, California Credit Union League, Government Finance Officer's Association.

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Consistently rated among the Top Female Speakers in America, Erica Dhawan is a TED phenom, a New York Times bestselling author, and the expert on Digital Body Language. And the top Global Analytics Software Firm FICO just raised the keynote speaker bar with Erica as their General Session Keynote speaker in Florida this month.

What is Digital Body Language?

We all know what Human Body Language is—often times 80% of human communication is through Face to Face Body Language. But in today’s world when we’re often in global virtual teams, we’re not in the room with people any more. We have to understand what are the new hidden cues and signals in our digital conversations. This is Digital Body Language and keynote speaker Erica Dhawan has the answers and the data to prove her points.

Digital Body Language and the Hybrid Workforce: Why your company needs to hear from keynote speaker Erica Dhawan

What did they really mean when they wrote that email or they sent it at a certain time? If the CEO types “OK.” and ends with a period—does that period mean something? Often times we think we know exactly what that other person is saying, but the data shows differently. Turns out there’s an immense amount of anxiety, emotion, and confusion set around “what did that person really mean in that last email correspondence?” We don’t have the context of the stare, the nod, the eye contact, and more that we’re used to in Human Body Language. Erica teaches audiences best practices to use Digital Body Language intelligently. Example: The Timing of a Thank You email. Dhawan’s research shows that we need to set expectations around timing. As Erica shares,”if you send a Thank You email within a few minutes or an hour of a meeting versus a few days or a week later, there’s a significant difference in how people feel connected to that Thank You. It’s almost like a virtual handshake that you’re projecting.

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