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John McEnroe wows the crowd at a Customer Event in Long Beach, CA

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Last week we were in Long Beach, CA for our shipping customer DB Schenker as they hosted their top customers with an appearance by Tennis Legend John McEnroe at The Westin Long Beach. Moderated by FOX Sports’Host Chris Myers, this was one of the most entertaining Q&A sessions we’ve ever seen. A humorous highlight? John shared the story of being a 20-year-old hot shot tennis star in a hotel in New York City. He had just taught himself to play David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” on the guitar and as he’s singing and playing the song loudly, there’s a knock on his door. IT’S DAVID BOWIE HIMSELF inviting John to a party in another room at the hotel. As he’s leaving, David Bowie points to John’s guitar and says “is that your guitar?” McEnroe tells him it sure is—-and David Bowie says “don’t bring it.”​

If you want your next audience to truly enjoy an interactive session with an absolute SUPERSTAR, let’s talk about booking John McEnroe for your next meeting. And did you know that John McEnroe is the longest-tenured spokesperson for Nike? More years than Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and even Serena Williams.

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