The Uniqueness of a Magic Johnson Keynote Speech

Rave Speakers
28 March, 2019 • 0 minutes read

In just one month this year, we’ve had the opportunity to join Magic at 4 standing ovation speeches to organizations in varying industries: Healthcare, Insurance Sales, Mortgage Lending, and Investment Advisors. Magic Johnson will tailor his keynote speeches to address issues that he’s faced relative to Dealing With Competition, Leadership, Adapting to Change, and Giving Back to the Community, but it seems there’s always a common thread: these audiences that Magic is addressing are comprised of individuals just looking to do better in life–whatever that looks like to them personally–and Magic feels that the key component of success is the ability to give back and help others attain their goals. Here’s the video:

A cursory look at a few Magic Johnson keynote speeches reveals certain key components that he likes to share with audiences. These points include:

Help others become successful (Its not about the money you make or the level you achieve, it’s about getting young people started. Be a mentor, open a door, give a referral).
Your competitors will make you better. Know your customer.
Bring passion every day. Have the vision to anticipate your customer’s needs. Get out of your comfort zone. Understand why you lost. Know your team.