Memory Champ is the Perfect Combination of Education and Entertainment

Rave Speakers
14 May, 2017 • 0 minutes read

USA Memory Champion Ron White and his memory skills lived up to the hype once again last week. Before 120 top financial advisors of Kestra Financial and their spouses, Ron not only recited every person’s name that he had memorized at an earlier breakfast–but he went on to teach attendees the techniques he uses to remember clients’ names, to recall key points for a speech, study habits for your kids, and so much more. Check out the video below of Ron in Kestra’s meeting room–systematically recalling the names of each audience member so they can sit down and enjoy his talk.

Then as an emotionally Patriotic finale to his speech, Ron White shares with the audience the powerful way he used his memory powers to honor fallen heroes after he returned from his tours of duty in Afghanistan: