Vin Scully

Rave Speakers
4 September, 2017 • 0 minutes read

Before 2,000 financial advisors in Nashville this week, Vin Scully opened with his signature introduction to wish everyone a “”pleasant good morning”” and to let them know that “”it’s time for Dodger baseball.”” And the lyrically descriptive style and sweet-sounding voice that millions of Americans have loved over the last 68 years of a truly iconic broadcasting career didn’t disappoint. Vin was at his storytelling best on this day, and attendees were hanging on every word. Two standing ovations in fact.

He was the ultimate employee to talk on Loyalty to an Organization; Vin started his illustrious career with The Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950 and retired last year after 68 seasons in the broadcast booth.

America will certainly miss Vin Scully with his stories that hit chords with old and young alike in any audience. I had the opportunity to hang out and travel with Vin Scully over the years and I feel privileged and honored to have spent some time with this kind, caring, and truly special American Legend of sport.