Mentalist Oz Pearlman: The business takeaways you may not know about.

Rave Speakers
15 September, 2018 • 0 minutes read

Since reaching the finals of America’s Got Talent, New York City-based Mentalist Oz Pearlman has become a household name on the corporate meetings circuit and on the morning talk show circuit, stunning audiences from Citi, H&R Block, IBM, Epic Insurance, General Electric to Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Good Day New York. IBM’s meeting professional put it best: “I’ve worked with a number of guest presenters, from war heroes to politicians to industry experts to athletes. None prepared or showed more passion in doing a great job for our event than Oz did!”.

While Oz is a unique entertainer whose blend of mind-reading and mentalism creates an interactive experience that has redefined the nature of a magic show, there are key business takeaways associated with his programs that meeting professionals need to know. Oz teaches your attendees 5 Ways Your Body Language Gives You Away and Tips For Influencing People.

Forbes did a piece on Oz Beyond the Mentalism: and here’s CNBC’s story on Oz’ tips for Influencing People

Invite Oz Pearlman to your next meeting and first you’ll get an hour of Oz strolling: he’ll work the crowd in a close-up setting at your reception or cocktail hour, going from group to group with his magic and mentalist tricks, building rapport and excitement as well as providing a terrific icebreaker and setting for business to take place. Then you’ll get a fully customized mentalism stage show which can include the business takeaways noted above. We’ll arrange a pre-event consult for Oz to learn more about your organization, the goals for the event, and the attendees so that he can incorporate topical messaging for a tailored show, weaving your content into his act. This is a highly interactive and engaging presentation, involving dozens of audience members in a truly memorable experience. Sales meetings, incentive trips, leadership retreats, and product launches have proven prefect settings for an Oz Pearlman appearance. He’s just another perfect Ambassador to New York City.