Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer hosts our NYC Speaker Showcase

Rave Speakers
6 October, 2019 • 0 minutes read

“Famed New York City restaurateur and hugely popular Hospitality speaker Danny Meyer was in Madison Square Park this month to host our exclusive outdoor Speaker Showcase. Why this venue? Its the site of Danny’s first Shake Shack restaurant and he shared the story of how a once forgotten park in the middle of Manhattan now receives over $1M each year from that restaurant’s profits—to continue to restore and beautify this now renewed city park. Our meeting professional partners who joined us for this special event heard not just from Danny as he spoke to his People-first culture at his restaurants as well as his bestselling Customer Service book “Setting the Table,” but 3 other memorable and affordable keynote speakers:

Columbia University Professor Sheena Iyengar is the World’s authority on Choice. Sheena’s “The Power of Choice” is a business bestseller, and her TED talk on the subject has over 4M views. Sheena asked our guests to share some questions in advance of the showcase that she could address—and her responses gave us all some great insight on a timely topic. Here’s one of those questions: You’ve discussed the topics of the debate between gut feelings vs reason, others advice vs self evaluate, and more…has your research shown that gravitating towards one of these types of decision making process leads to better choices? And how do you think these types of choices play into the idea of being your authentic self?

Pandit Dasa spent 15 years as a Monk in New York City, and he’s currently a hugely popular speaker on the topic of Mindful Leadership. The bonus that Pandit shares is a meditation/relaxation piece to his program, and he taught all of us to close our eyes and enter a stress-free environment—even for just a few important moments.

Oz Pearlman is a mentalist who went from the finals of America’s Got Talent into corporate boardrooms and the stages of major conferences throughout the country. Oz had them mesmerized, and its easy to see why he’s such a popular entertainer on the circuit today. “