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As businesses search for all the right answers to make customers happy, Susan Salgado’s current rise to the top of the lecture industry is no mistake.

MarketCounsel CEO Brian Hamburger calls her a Rockstar. And with a record 6 speeches in 8 days for the freshest new face on the lecture circuit, Susan Salgado is living the life of a Rockstar.

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“MarketCounsel CEO Brian Hamburger calls her a Rockstar. And with a record 6 speeches in 8 days for the freshest new face on the lecture circuit, Susan Salgado is living the life of a Rockstar.

One of the 3 stops on Susan Salgado’s hectic speaking calendar last week was in Dearborn, Michigan to address a small group of automotive dealers. By that afternoon, 3 emails had hit our inboxes from executives at this meeting:

Continued thanks for your session today, and your back-back travel to make it happen. Your content, presentation style and relevant (and very human!) stories and strategies were a perfect addition to the CX immersion we intended for the Group.

We were all very excited to experience Susan personally. She did an excellent job. The client and our guests loved her. She received a 4.96 rating of 5 in our feedback.

I loved your message and your incredible storytelling to help bring it to life. You did a fantastic job of connecting stories from 2 different worlds that really resonated with our dealers. I had several dealers tell me how fantastic they though you were. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

References like this are nothing new to Susan, who just 2 years ago decided to expand her reach beyond Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group in New York. With 17 years in the trenches of a restaurant empire that included some of the top-rated eateries in New York City and of course the mega-popular Shake Shack chain, Susan Salgado’s role as a Leader of People and a Director of Culture sitting alongside Danny Meyer–known in many circles as the leading purveyor of Hospitality in America–quickly elevated Susan into a Customer Service/Hospitality/Workforce Culture expert who understands what it takes to exceed the customer experience. And Corporate America has come knocking.

Keynotes and deeper dive sessions for hotel companies, restaurant chains, insurance companies and financial services firms, pharmaceuticals and of course automotive giants have followed. With repeat opportunities from all of the above. One major hotel company booked Susan for one keynote speech and she’s just finished her 9th appearance for them. Each talk is completely tailored to the specific assist that an organization requests.

What makes Susan so good? Read this article below: Susan Salgado’s role as Director of Culture at Danny Meyer’s famed NYC restaurants as well as his Shake Shack chain began as an inquisitive NYU business school student’s interest in studying Danny’s organization for her dissertation research. This article from Business Insider shares the rest.

Even FICP has chosen keynote speaker Susan Salgado. Susan’s 2020 speaking calendar has gotten a nice boost thanks to The Financial and Insurance Conference Professionals (FICP) who have just confirmed Susan as their Opening Keynote for FICP’s Winter Symposium January 27, 2020 in New York City. This audience of financial services and insurance conference professionals keeps the bar set high with stellar speakers for this important audience and we’re excited to play a key role in this important event.

Our pick for Agenda of The Year? That’s easy. Open your conference with Susan Salgado and close with Magic Johnson!”

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