Giving thanks this special week for Kenton Lee

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25 November, 2019 • 0 minutes read

“As we prepare for our Thanksgiving feasts with our families this week, we have the time to reflect on Thanking, Giving, and Sharing. I had the pleasure of joining Kenton Lee in Anaheim last month at an event for our good customer Orange Capital Management. It was Kenton’s wonderful speaking abilities at the TED podium that had first piqued our interest in him as a keynote speaker, but once you meet this man and his mission, you’ll be sold too. And as so many of our meeting professional partners plan corporate meetings with a need for a Charitable or Giving Back aspect, Kenton Lee can not only be your inspirational keynote speaker, he’ll make them WANT to reach out and donate shoes! Read on, my friends.

Ten years ago Kenton Lee found himself far from his home in Boise visiting a small village in Kenya. He noticed that the children in this village either had shoes that didn’t fit or they had no shoes at all. Knowing that bacteria and fungi enter the body through the feet, Kenton had to do something to make a difference. He came home, gathered a team of like-minded friends, and came up with a real answer to the problem. The result was The Shoe That Grows–a shoe that expands five sizes wide and five sizes long. Kenton has now shipped hundreds of thousands of these shoes to children in over 100 countries. And every dollar Kenton earns from his inspiring keynote speeches pays for more shoes.

Someone in this audience asked Kenton if he had a pair of the shoes with him. “With me, you ask? I’ve been wearing this same pair of Shoes that Grow for the last 4 years!” Quality control in the finest manner.

Kenton Lee received a well deserved standing ovation in Anaheim on this day, and he had copies of his new book The Power of Small Things for each attendee. Based on the notion that one small act can change the world, Kenton shared this short but important video on the value of doing small things:

Want a memorable agenda? Open your conference with a charitable Giving Back opportunity featuring keynote speaker Kenton Lee and close with high profile keynote speaker Magic Johnson! This is a truly memorable one-two much of a keynote team and you’ll be setting the bar higher than ever.

Thank you for making us your resource for motivational speakers and entertainment. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. “