Your input needed: Favorite keynote speakers for 2020

Rave Speakers
30 November, 2019 • 0 minutes read

“Each year there’s lots of new keynote speakers entering the marketplace from a host of sources: long-time business executives leaving top positions at major companies to act in consulting and speaking roles, fresh faces from the TED platform, new book authors, current sports heroes and more. For some, the jump to the keynote speaker slot at the podium is not only easy for them, but it’s a huge win for meeting professionals looking for the latest and greatest for their demanding meeting attendees. Over the last year, we’ve identified the most requested keynote speaker topics in America and we’re compiling our annual lists for our meeting professional-partners. We need your input. Who are your audience-favorite keynote speakers on the key meeting themes and topics of:


Generations in the Workplace

Customer Service and Hospitality

Disruption and Innovation

The Future of Work


We also want to know your Best Value Speaker (low fee but HUGE return) and your Favorite Female Keynote Speaker.

Please take a moment to share just one star—or share five. Results will be compiled over the next 2 weeks. Email us please to “