Play by Play: What to expect from keynote speaker Magic Johnson at your next meeting

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28 March, 2019 • 0 minutes read

While Keynote speaker Magic Johnson is signing jerseys in The Green Room, he’s joined by your executive team who will share insight to the audience and the meeting he’s about to join. But they’ll also be getting up close and personal with one of the living legends of sport. And your professional photographer is on hand to grab every moment.

One group recently created a Selfies with Magic line; 500 attendees were waiting with cell phones in hand as Magic posed for each one in record time. Moments later, Magic was presenting his keynote speech for 5,000 people.

As Magic prepares to be introduced on stage, a 2-minute opening video acquaints your audience with the business icon, sports legend, and world humanitarian they’re about to meet.

Once introduced, Magic immediately joins your audience–and this is where his entire keynote speech takes place. He walks down each aisle and through each row, stopping to greet many attendees with a high-five, a chest-pump, and a photo opportunity. It’s effectively a 45-minute Up Close and Personal with a billionaire businessman as he shares his customized secrets to success.

The Magic Johnson keynote speech itself is totally tailored to your meeting theme. Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Never Giving Up, Mentoring, and The Importance of Giving Back are all key topics that Magic has addressed in the last year for companies in all different industries.

After the keynote, Magic takes questions from the audience. They’ll range from memorable moments against Larry Bird to Magic’s ability to make current business decisions.

As your audience exits the ballroom, Magic sticks around on stage to get photos with your planning and executive teams.

Magic then attends a VIP Reception, a VIP Photo Line, or a VIP Lunch with your special guests. And he’ll make sure to spend time with each and every guest.

As a bonus to you, we’ll be onsite at your Magic Johnson keynote appearance to ensure the smooth delivery of this tremendous speaker.

Let’s schedule a call to discuss your upcoming dates for Magic Johnson soon.

Your only dilemma will be how to top Magic next year.