The Trend is to Storytelling

Rave Speakers
4 August, 2019 • 0 minutes read

“With the newest addition to the world of online content introduced recently as Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman’s Quibi, the importance and the value of storytelling has once again grabbed headlines. Quibi is short for Quick bites of video that will be played out in 10 minute episodes to be viewed on a mobile phone. As Jeff Katzenberg is quoted, “”Quibi is playing a pioneering role in crafting a new form of storytelling that combines elements of feature film storytelling and episodic television.””

But there’s nothing new about storytelling, just the platforms on which stories are told. For years, motivational keynote speakers have been telling stories to audiences in ways that move, inspire, excite, endear, entertain, and motivate. But they’ve never taken the time to realize–or at least share–that what they are doing on these vast podiums is effectively taking their life’s hardships, successes, understandings and more–and building them into stories that stick. Some keynote speakers like former Disney developer Duncan Wardle have identified the process of telling a story from the perspective of the industry leader in effective storytelling (Disney), and then using that immediate credibility to share the ways that Disney’s vision and creativity kept them at the forefront. Duncan’s keynote speeches then go the next step in this process to share ways that all of us can bring out our innermost creativities on a daily basis using the same formulas. Here’s a TED talk example on Duncan Wardle’s keynote speech The Theory of Creativity:

Popular keynote speaker Kindra Hall is effectively a Storytelling Expert as she speaks on the basics of building a story around your personal life or your business. Kindra’s long-awaited new book “”Stories that Stick.: How Storytelling can Captivate Customers, Influence Audiences, and Transform your Business” his stores September 24th (and in fact is available for pre-order now). The key points that Kindra discusses in her speeches was on view last month in Washington, DC as she addressed NSPRA—the National School Public Relations Association. A sketch note artist was in attendance at this large-scale convention and covered the 4 reasons that Storytelling Sparks Messaging Success: 1. Humans are attracted to stories, 2. It’s just science (as hearing moving stories can change the listener’s brain chemistry), 3. Stories illustrate value, and 4. Stories are memorable. We’re excited that Kindra Hall will be celebrating the arrival of her new book from New Orleans as we have her addressing The CPCU Society audience of 3,000 insurance salespeople that day. She’s an affordable addition to any agenda and we’ll check available dates for you today!”