We’re onsite at your meeting. How does that help the process?

Rave Speakers
2 September, 2019 • 0 minutes read

Our meeting professional customer-partners rely on us daily to provide the likes of Keynote Speaker Magic Johnson, Keynote speaker Peyton Manning, Robin Roberts, Simon Sinek, Danny Meyer, and the highest profile speakers in America. But by taking that extra step—by actually showing up at these important meetings with our business motivational and leadership speakers (at no additional cost to our partners)—the experience for our customers is so much more rewarding.

We showed up at 14 booked events with our speakers last month–from San Diego to Chicago to New York City to Scottsdale and even Dallas–and we’ve been told that this added benefit is much appreciated by our meeting professional customers. But a closer look at why we show up to join our keynote speakers at multiple corporate meetings throughout the country each year reveals some interesting reasons:

1. We just love to meet our customers personally. Put a face to a voice. If we’re going to be working together on multiple events, we want you to know us and see our commitment to the success of your meetings first hand. We’ve signed many Master Services Agreements with our customer-partners after meetings like these.

2. We take the worry away from the old adage “”I hope our keynote speaker arrives on time.”” Not only do we pay our speakers well in advance of your meeting and require keynote speakers with a before-noon keynote slot to stay the night before in your hotel, we know and track your speaker’s flights for you. As soon as that plane lands, a text goes out to every meeting professional onsite at this conference announcing that arrival. We’re in your lobby to greet your speaker upon her arrival and personally introduce her to you and your team.

3. We help you to make sure that your speaker is over-prepared for this engagement. When we were in Dallas last month at The Sheraton Downtown Dallas, we came in the afternoon prior to Entrepreneur and CEO Motivational speaker Jenny Fleiss’ keynote speech, met with the planning team and walked the entire event with them. We briefed Jenny upon her arrival and that next morning was a breeze for all involved.

4. We’re in your Green Room to assist with any last-minute needs you may–or last-minute requests that you may have of your speaker (that may be uncomfortable for you to ask for).

5. We learn your audience so that we can be spot-on with our keynote speaker suggestions for the next meeting as well (and not only your company’s meetings, but those of your meeting professional peers who would love to know how this speaker did at this event in Las Vegas). When Innovation keynote speaker Josh Linkner was here in LA last month for an event sponsored by Fast Company magazine, we sat amongst the crowd and noted their responses to this hugely popular Innovation and Disruption speaker. So much so that when another meeting professional from a totally different company reached out to us last week as they were considering Josh for an event in NYC in October–we were able to walk this planner-partner through Josh’ entire program and share how the Fast Company audience reacted to each key point in his speech. And yes, they confirmed Josh for New York!

Be prepared to meet our team at your next meeting. Your meeting will run even smoother than it does now.