Keynote Speaker Magic Johnson continues his winning ways at podiums nationwide.

Rave Speakers
27 September, 2019 • 0 minutes read

Top rated Leadership and Motivational Keynote speaker Magic Johnson started off the year with a bang at the podium, receiving standing ovations from the likes of our customers with Jackson National Life and MarketCounsel. Since then its just been a series of trips criss-crossing the country with a keynote speech and appearance that truly set Magic Johnson apart from all the rest. Magic takes the time to mingle with your key executives in the Green Room pre-keynote speech as he’s signing balls and jerseys, and then his keynote speech NOT from the stage but strolling through the aisles of your audience and stopping for selfies along the way is all part of this memorable experience.

We’re proud to represent Keynote speaker Magic Johnson, and his schedule has included standing ovations for the likes of Sitecore in Orlando, Yext in New York City, The PDS Super Conference (pharmaceutical trade expo) in Orlando, Cloud computing giant Bullhorn Engage in Boston, Oracle’s Customer Experience Conference, The Produce Marketing Association in Anaheim, and then back to Las Vegas for Nutanix.

The time is right to look at your next dates for Magic Johnson— the highest profile keynote speaker in America today. And each of the speeches by this billionaire businessman and NBA Legend is tailored to your specific theme. Your audiences will love Magic Johnson and the toughest task for your planning team will be how to top keynote speaker Magic Johnson next year!