Our customers are raving about…Susan Salgado.

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27 September, 2019 • 0 minutes read

“Few keynote speakers have had such a dramatic impact on corporate agendas as Leadership Keynote speaker Susan Salgado. Susan spent 15 years in the customer services trenches working alongside restaurant maven Danny Meyer at his Union Square Hospitality Group, and the lessons Susan learned from these experiences in the restaurant industry have direct application to any business that serves clients or customers.

Susan was the Director of Culture for Danny Meyer’s NYC restaurants that included the top-rated Union Square Cafe, and she held the same role with the mega-popular burger chain Shake Shack.

Companies and Associations with themes of Hospitality, Exceeding the Client Experience, Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent, Leadership and Empowerment in an Organization, Accountability at All Levels, and Creating a People-First Culture find that Susan Salgado is a perfect fit speaker. And with the level of study that Susan does in preparation for each of her valued Keynote Speeches, it’s effectively any Workplace topic that can be addressed by this powerful orator.

Who’s hiring Leadership keynote speaker Susan Salgado? This week it was Novartis at their East Hanover headquarters for a small creative team summit. The Midatlantic Employers Association. Edward Jones, National Financial Partners, even Tooth Implant Solutions. Or Primrose Retirement and Scotts Miracle-Gro. Coca-Cola, Barron’s, a Wealth Management Summit. Even the Rodeo Drive Association needed an uplifting message of Customer Service and Hospitality for its audience of the world’s finest retail brands. Here’s an added bonus: book a keynote speech with Susan Salgado and get a deeper dive session that same day for no additional fee.

Susan’s brand new website features speeches to these accounts and so may more: www.susansalgado.com

No comedy, no fluff. Just a powerful and completely tailored speech on a wealth of Workforce related topics from a keynote speaker who’s been in the trenches and who loves to share what she’s learned. We’re darn proud to represent Susan Salgado and we know that your attendees will benefit greatly from her speech. “