Founding Chief Medical Officer of Headspace explains Mindfulness and the importance of Exercising Your Mind.

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13 November, 2020 • 0 minutes read

As lecture agents, we find ourselves every day in the role of Advisor to our customer-partners about the perfect keynote speaker fit for a specific agenda and a particular audience. And many times, these Zoom conversations or conference calls include potential speakers themselves. Lately those calls are about keeping an at-home sales team psychologically in check—and the reality that just as you exercise your body, you need to exercise your mind. There’s one star to explain the process, and he’s Dr. David Cox with a perfect message for these stressful times.

As the chief medical officer of Headspace–the World’s most popular Mindfulness app–Dr. David Cox reminds audiences of the power of thought, attention and mindfulness–and he helps them understand the value of making an investment in themselves, their thinking, and their clarity. David helps attendees become more Mindful people so that they can become better leaders and better colleagues.

Dr. Cox is a Mindfulness expert who shares with your audience simple and clear explanations of meditation and mindfulness – what they are and what the difference is:

-Meditation is an exercise. Mindfulness is the skill that you develop from that exercise.

– Everyman explanations of the psychological and neurological mechanisms of meditation and mindfulness. As Dr. Cox states, “the mechanism of meditation acts as an antidote to anxiety.”

– Examination of personal, team and societal benefits of meditation

– Why meditation and mindfulness are the antidote to many modern-day ills

– Tips for getting started and overcoming challenges to regular meditation

After an hour session (which includes audience Q&A and a brief meditation session) with David Cox, you’ll be requesting a follow up talk or written exercises for your attendees to continually review.

Here’s a sample speech:

And here’s just a few issues that Dr. Cox will discuss:

What actually is mindfulness, and meditation? And what’s the difference between the two?

How your brain has evolved to save you, and why that’s a bad thing

What happens in your brain when you meditate, and why that’s a good thing

Why the benefits of you meditating aren’t just for you

Tips on overcoming the biggest hurdles to meditating regularly

How to meditate every day without adding anything to your to-do list

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