Climbing a mountain with no ropes nor harnesses: the perfect analogy for business adversity.

Rave Speakers
19 November, 2020 • 0 minutes read

“You may have read that Emily Harrington has just become the first female to free-climb Yosemite’s El Capitan Mountain in one single day. It’s a feat that is truly remarkable—given that Emily had no ropes, no harnesses, no nets to save her in case she slipped.

But Emily’s feat can easily be compared to the struggles and changes and adverse situations that we all find ourselves in each and every day—while grounded here mostly at home. And as a speaker, Emily will share with you the way that she deals with these challenges and overcomes them in split-second reaction times (at least we have more time to prepare for and respond to the challenges and changes that life may throw at us!).

With so may corporate meeting themes of “Overcoming Adversity” and “Empower through Change,” its important to find a virtual keynote speaker who will address these issues in a creative way that will keep the attention of a likely distracted at-home audience. Keynote speaker Emily Harrington’s slides and video from her most recent climb will have your team on-edge as they enjoy her storytelling abilities.

Here’s a TED Talk that Emily gave last year on Finding Fear: It’s a perfect preview tape for an affordable ($10,000 range) speaker and we’d love to discuss your next agenda need for this timely presenter.

Note that the accomplishments of the many Everest summiteers over the years have typically lined corporate meeting agendas. But since Alex Honnold’s Academy Award-winning documentary on his “Free Solo” climb to the top of the same El Capitan last year, rock climbers—especially those who do this sport with no forms of support—have taken over center stage as the newest adversity challengers. Alex and his climbing teammate Tommy Caldwell (who in fact is a climbing partner of Emily’s as well!) are very hot with our customers now; Alex has received ovations recently from Dell Technologies and Canon!

Let’s add Alex, Emily, or Tommy to your next agenda. It’s easy and affordable—and your attendees will be raving. “