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Stress expert Pandit Dasa shares tips for social isolation

Mindfulness expert and powerful keynote speaker Pandit Dasa has seen his popularity skyrocket during this global pandemic. Here's what Pandit shares in his virtual programs:

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“Mindfulness expert and powerful keynote speaker Pandit Dasa has seen his popularity skyrocket during this global pandemic. Here’s what Pandit shares in his virtual programs:

Life will always provide us with incredible opportunities for growth and it will usually do that by throwing a wrench into our current plans. These obstacles allow us an opportunity to raise our self-awareness about how we react to such curve balls and what kind of person we become. As our lives have changed and our daily routines disrupted, it’s easy for our minds to compose worst-case scenarios–which lead to more anger, frustration, and stress. This works to take away our clarity and peace of mind.

To create a more positive mindset towards our current situation and have a more mindful approach, let’s reflect on the following questions:

1. What is this situation teaching me about me?

2. How can these unforeseen obstacles help me I grow as a person?

3. Are any new opportunities arising as a result of this?

Use these important tips to manage our stress, remain positive and come out the other end with a transformed approach to work and life.

• Breathe Deeply— Take five deep breaths, filling your lungs completely, while focusing just on the breath and then thoroughly exhale breathing out all of your anxieties and fears. Mindful breathing can lower stress and helps put things in perspective. Encourage this as a family activity.

• Take a Moment— Bring your awareness into your mind and take inventory of all the thoughts that are racing around in your head. Then breathe them out and empty out your mind even if it’s only for a few moments.

• Express Gratitude— Focus on some of the positive situations happening in your life right now, whether small or big. This is a great way to shift your mood.

• Appreciate Someone— Take a moment to appreciate a colleague, family member and friend for their good qualities and contributions.

• Digital Disconnect— Take this rare opportunity to eat more meals with your family, spend quality time with them and connect deeply with each other while leaving all devices aside.

• Sleep Tight— A lack of sleep can affect mood, judgment, memory and your overall health so make sure you’re sleeping enough so you can have clarity and focus to tackle whatever may come next. Try and put your phone away at least 20 minutes before you go to bed.

• Eat Mindfully— Maintain a well-balanced diet and try to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water. Staying hydrated can also lower stress.

• Create a Schedule— The home can be filled with distractions so it is important to create a schedule for yourself, actually write it down, and try your best to stick to it. This will help you remain productive and provide a sense of accomplishment, instead of frustration, at the end of the day.

These suggestions will not only help us during the current pandemic and time of social isolation but will support us during whatever moments of confusion, crises and challenges we may face in the future.

Call us today to add Pandit Dasa’s virtual programs to your current company agendas.”

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