Looking for a Keynote Speaker on Diversity and Inclusion? Meet Microsoft’s MJ DePalma

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6 March, 2020 • 0 minutes read

“MJ DePalma is the Head of Global Multicultural and Inclusive Marketing at Microsoft’s World Headquarters. At a recent keynote for our Adlucent customer, MJ noted: The world is an incredibly diverse place full of unique people. Failure to incorporate inclusivity and diversity into your marketing strategy is a disservice to your brand and to your audience.
DePalma points out that of the 7.8 billion people on earth, over one billion live with a disability. For these people, about 70% have a disability that is not obvious or visible. Not being accessible and marketing to these people leaves an enormous market untouched.

Besides being the right thing to do, there is an important value proposition to consider.

Are you aware of these powerful trends?
Brand Loyalty: 93% of women with children and 91% of millennials will change to a brand that supports a good cause.

Embracing Diversity: 70% of millennials will select a brand over another if it has diversity in its advertising, marketing, and promotions.

Demanding Inclusivity: 47% of millennials intentionally select an inclusive brands from competing ones offering similar products.

Advertising Impact: Progressive ads trigger about 25% more consumer engagement because they are pleasantly surprising and more enjoyable.

Inclusive marketing gets a company closer to its customers. They tell others about their positive experiences because that makes everyone feel good and that is also good for the bottom line.

This is the point of DePalma’s presentation entitled “”Our Collective Future is based on an Inclusive Today.”” In addition to disabled people, inclusion extends to everybody else as well. Companies, like Adlucent, feature DePalma at their corporate events as a keynote speaker for her enthusiasm, experience, and practical advice. Her presentation on inclusion is a fundamental part of a diversity initiative.

Audience Takeaways from DePalma’s Presentation

How to Enable Inclusive Product Design

Discover how product design may prevent someone with a disability from being able to use the product. Inclusive product design comes from emotionally intelligent empathy that guides the designers to discover how many people are excluded from using a product.

DePalma shares the ten principles of accessibility that should be considered in product design.

How to Build an Inclusive Audience

Inclusive decisions not only impact a disabled person but also influence a huge network of supporters and their families. All told, this is an estimated audience of about 2.3 billion people that control nearly $7 trillion in annual disposable income. By learning how to deeply understand your customers’ needs, you may discover exciting opportunities that generate exciting product designs.

DePalma teaches how to become an inclusive storyteller to create genuinely improved customer experiences that build intense brand loyalty.

The Inclusive Mindset

Inclusive marketing is not something just tacked onto a campaign at the last moment. When done well, it is intrinsically incorporated in everything from the product design to the marketing, and also drives the corporate business culture. To be the most powerful, companies need to demonstrate the inclusive mindset as a real-world commitment that is part of the company’s core spirit and brand image.

MJ DePalma shows how to uncover benevolent attributes in a brand, This empowers a company’s mission and is the best way to develop an inclusive and diverse marketing strategy or to expand ongoing efforts.

MJ will give your organization the tools it takes to add Microsoft’s “”empower everyone”” standard to exemplify that through inclusive marketing, richer conversations can take place between marketers and customers. Let’s confirm MJ for your next agenda today!

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