Now is a great time to bring in a keynote speaker. Here’s why:

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26 May, 2020 • 0 minutes read

I’m sure you’ve now realized that many keynote speakers have reduced their virtual fees to almost half (or more) of their live appearance rate. Some notable high-profile examples: Star Chef and World Humanitarian Jose Andres $26,000. Storytelling in Business expert Kindra Hall $15,000. Academy Award-winning “Free Solo” climber Alex Honnold $30,000. TV Food Experience expert Andrew Zimmern $16,500. Shark Tank Sharks Daymond John and Robert Herjavec for under $50,000. Influencer to millions Jay Shetty, Barbara Corcoran, and Billionaire businessman Magic Johnson at half their fees. We haven’t seen pricing like this in years!

However, you may not be fully aware of the additional possibilities and value that are now available when you purchase a virtual keynote.

Only a few months ago, the lecture industry was forced to totally reinvent itself. That turns out to be good news for buyers.

Take a look at high end restaurants and their response to the quarantine. Suddenly chefs are using Instagram and video to offer smart to-go packaging with video tutored re-heating and prep instructions. Many have responded to the limitations of social distancing by recreating the high end dining experience in the safety of your own home. And even now, as restaurants begin to reopen around the country, this option won’t go away and those restaurants that survived the quarantine (not an easy feat for restaurants) have a new (and fun) alternative to offer their customers.

So it is with the lecture industry.

Speakers are now asking themselves how can I deliver more value than ever? How can I virtually recreate the best of my stage show? And, how can I really make a lasting impact? Mostly though, it’s the buyers who are the beneficiaries of these questions.

A virtual keynote can take a variety of formats: In addition to the classical keynote speech, a virtual presentation can become a totally interactive session with your audience having the ability to post questions or to ask them live. Your speaker is also likely to suggest a follow up that could take the form of a short weekly or bi-monthly touch-base session that serves to reinforce the message and truly deliver the value you were always hoping for in the past. Speakers are already getting good at this already and many have templates in hand for short sessions designed to review, refine and enhance their key points.

Many presenters create 2-3 minute videos that can be distributed to your same audience weekly. Those videos can be followed up with short (10-15 minute) Q & A sessions with your speaker. The ability to touch your audience virtually and in short bursts just became not only possible, but a terrific option, especially as you deal with new budgets and seek more value than ever from your keynote investment.

Forward thinking speakers are now working with teams of virtual designers to deliver that same on-stage experience from their own studios. Painters, bands and performance artists that used to charge you for backline, travel and rentals now provide everything you need, all broadcast from a space designed to absolutely replicate their on-stage performance. Keynoters who are used to wowing you with music, video and great visuals are now able to bring that same experience to your audience’s small screens.

Our business has just now grown from top speakers racing off your stage to make their next event, to having the ability to really become a member of your team and your process. As keynoters seek to outperform the competition and make the mark they always hoped they would, we’re discovering that time really is on your side.

Ironically, as we’ve watched our business forced to creatively reinvent itself, it turns out that it’s a great moment to be a part of the lecture industry and for our buyer-partners to expect and receive more value than ever before.

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