The cyber safety of your members is at risk during this pandemic. One man has the answers.

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4 May, 2020 • 0 minutes read

“It’s times like these when organizations find themselves most vulnerable to cyber attacks, and Cyber Expert John Sileo (here’s the 60 Minutes piece)understands this first-hand: he was the owner of a $2M business where a company insider used John’s identity to destroy his company and decimate his finances. John helps your audiences understand how hackers can take advantage of us–especially during our most vulnerable times.

A regular contributor to CNN, 60 Minutes, USA Today, and The Washington Post, John Sileo shares key rules to keep your team Cyber-safe by identifying threats and making good decisions. He provides an actionable roadmap of cyber defense to protect the information that drives your organization. Click on this link to watch an important video:

In the video above, you’ll learn these three actionable steps:

Scammers never let a good crisis go to waste

If it’s emotional, slow down, take a breath and think about it

Scammers love it when you rush. Always verify legitimacy.

Invite John Sileo to address your company or association live or via webinar. It’s guaranteed to be your best investment for 2020 and beyond.”