Thinking about a Las Vegas meeting? Poker Star Annie Duke’s your keynote.

Rave Speakers
27 January, 2021 • 0 minutes read

“Annie Duke calls her talk “”The Science of Making Better Choices.””

Dealing with the many changes this pandemic has brought about has made our decision-making even more foggy. Annie Duke has taken her stellar career as a Poker champion to the boardroom with her best-selling book “”How to Decide: Simple Tools for Making Better Choices.”” In the book–and in her tailored virtual keynotes–Annie takes Decision Challenges to a whole new level. It’s a combination of her keen experience as a Poker player with advanced thinking on decision making—integrating psychology, economics, game theory, and neuroscience. Key lessons on Good Judgment, Forecasting, The Always and Never decision process, and a Probability Exercise for your attendees to work on prior to Annie’s appearance. As Annie says, “”all of your decisions are forecasts.”” The results are stellar. Here’s a sample video:”