Flight schedules have opened–and the Magic is back in-person at your next meeting!

Rave Speakers
29 October, 2021 • 1 minute read

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Rave Speakers is excited to represent Leadership Keynote Speaker Magic Johnson, as he’s truly one of the most popular Sports and Business Motivational speakers in America today. As so many of our customers (and their attendees) now know, an appearance by Magic Johnson at your next meeting or convention isn’t just a keynote speech—it’s an experience. And this month has been no different. https://ravespeakers.com/magic-johnson/

Magic Johnson was in Austin, TX today speaking for 200 Christus Health executives on his favorite keynote topics of Leadership, Overcoming Challenges, and Innovation.

Earlier in the week, Magic flew to San Diego for ValueEdge Advisors as they sponsored Magic’s keynote speech for the 2021 Public Funds Forum. That audience was investors, attorneys, and executives creating healthy returns for their clients.

Then it was in Las Vegas—our favorite destination for keynote speeches because of the sheer amount of attendees that can enjoy one keynote speaker. This was for Money 20/20 Scarlett Sieber with 3,000 investors and CEO’s from all over the world discussing investing and business success with this Billionaire Businessman!

Magic Johnson will set the keynote speaker bar higher than it’s ever been at your meeting. Let’s look at your 2023 and 2024 dates for this powerhouse motivator soon. https://www.ravespeakers.com/magic-johnson/