Are your next agenda needs Culture, Virtual Workforce, and Leadership?

Rave Speakers
5 October, 2021 • 1 minute read

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Culture and Customer Experience expert Susan Salgado is back on the road again! And with 17 years in the trenches learning from Danny Meyer—THE Hospitality Icon—Susan certainly knows what it takes to deliver a simply amazing Customer or Client experience.

This week Susan spoke at the beautiful Skamania Lodge nestled along the shores of The Columbia River in Stevenson, Washington. The audience? The Leadership of Salt & Straw, an ice cream chain that prides itself on “”Providing Unforgettable Hospitality.”” Pretty much a perfect wheelhouse fit for Susan, who’s taken the virtual speaking world by storm with her tailored talks on “”Building a Strong Culture in a Distributed Workforce.””

Oh and that’s not all…Susan then returned to her hotel room to lead a keynote session for The DesignOps Summit on “”Culture as the Root of Brand Promise.”” All in a day’s work for this powerhouse Keynote speaker.

Let’s hear about your next meeting for Susan Salgado. Your attendees will hear first-hand how Shake Shack developed their People-first culture—and how that same Culture can be put to work in your organization TOMORROW. Visit Susan’s website for the most in-depth information you’ll need as you plan your next meeting: