Are Robotics, AI, Chat GPT, and Automation affecting your industry? We’ve got the experts!

Rave Speakers
9 October, 2021 • 1 minute read

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Many of our Rave Speakers customer-partners are looking for cutting edge keynote speakers on Robotics and the Future of Technology. These top-rated presenters on Robotics and Automation will create tailored keynote programs to your specific industry and company while working within your budget parameters (and all are based here in California):

Vivek Wadhwa Harvard Law School Fellow and Robotics expert based in San Francisco and is the recipient of Silicon Valley Forum’s Visionary Award. Expect a fee in the $25,000 price range. Here’s a talk geared to the medical industry:

Pascal Finette who gives fun, understandable talks on AI, Robotics, and the exponential growth of technology and how it affects your business.

Aaron Frank Next Gen Technology from this Singularity University team leader at the cutting edge of Technology: Here’s a talk on Exponential Manufacturing: Fits most budgets.

We’ve been following a TED speaker from here in Los Angeles for a while now–Thomas Suarez (pictured below)–he’s simply an over the top brilliant mind (who’s only 21 years old!) with a Steve Jobs-type mentality sitting at the cusp of something special in the software programming world right now. Tom understands software, engineering, computing, gaming, AI, VR, and the future of the internet–and he can talk about the future of technology for your audience in understandable terms. Upcoming keynotes include Dell Technologies this December. Tom’s fee fits most budgets. Need a Robotics Keynote Speaker or AI Keynote Speaker or CHAT GPT Keynote Speaker? Reach Rave Speakers today