Could Nick Tasler be the hottest Leadership speaker on the circuit today?

Rave Speakers
1 February, 2021 • 0 minutes read

“The virtual pivot has been extremely good to keynote speaker Nick Tasler and his following of Fortune 1,000 customers.

His brand: “A new model for Change, Growth, and Leadership—One Decision at a time.” And it all stems from the many changes that at-home workforce talent is dealing with on a daily basis. The problem is Change. The aspiration is Transformation, Growth, and Leadership. The solution is One Decision at a time.

Nick Tasler will tailor each talk to your specific goals and needs after an in-depth pre-event call with you and your executive team.

His new book “”Ricochet: What to do When Change Happens to You”” is a perfect add-on to Nick’s virtual talks, and you can see more about this important presenter here:

We’re excited to add this affordable virtual leadership speaker to your next meeting agenda. Reach us now via text (310) 614-8653.”