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Jon Dorenbos: Bigger than Life entertainer and speaker will raise the bar higher than ever for your next large audience.

The last flight I was on before the pandemic halted meetings last year was a Delta flight in late February from JFK to LAX. I sat next to Rachael Aird, the lead meeting planner with American Express. Rachel spent an hour heaping praises on their last keynote speaker who had 1,500 attendees in the LA Convention Center on their feet cheering: Jon Dorenbos.

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Rachael Aird, the lead conference planner with American Express, continues to heap praises on the keynote speaker who had 1,500 AMEX attendees in the LA Convention Center on their feet cheering: Jon Dorenbos.

Jon’s life story of inspirational triumph in the face of adversity has been profiled on ESPN, E!, Fox Sports, and HBO. At just 12 years old, Jon’s life was forever changed when his father did the unthinkable and killed his mother. Essentially orphaned, Jon was forced to navigate the foster care system as his father stood on trial for murder. Dorenbos turned to magic and sports as an escape, honing his skills to become among the best magicians and athletes in the world. He starred for years as an All-Pro longsnapper for The Philadelphia Eagles, made history as a magician finalist on America’s Got Talent, became a regular on Ellen (and Ellen Degeneres became one of Jon’s biggest fans), watched his book Life is Magic reach the New York Times bestseller list, is awaiting the Hollywood film of his life story, and now Jon is a master of live and virtual podiums across the country–and finding available dates on his speaking calendar is a magic act in itself.

Keynote Speaker Jon Dorenbos, simply put, is a bigger-than-life speaker and entertainer.

Here’s the HBO story:

Need to raise the bar higher than it’s ever gone before? Jon will arrive onsite a day early to make sure this is a perfect event for your team, and he’ll even do a Looking forward to seeing you all at your conference video shout-out to your attendees a few months in advance of this important meeting.  Jon will arrange through his publisher for discounted copies of Life is Magic for your audience members, and he’ll sign each book. And he’ll perform and speak on stage for an hour and will join your VIP’s for a private Meet and Greet session right after.

They’ll be talking about this appearance for years.

We look forward to confirming this important presenter for you soon. Email us today [email protected] to search open calendar availability for keynote speaker Jon Dorenbos.

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