Meeting in San Antonio? We’ve got David Robinson ready to inspire your audience.

Rave Speakers
30 June, 2021 • 1 minute read

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“With in-person meetings back on the rise, our customers are flocking to major conference venues like San Antonio. And a local celebrity is always a hit for meeting attendees flying in from all over the country. “The Admiral” David Robinson spent his entire NBA Hall of Fame career with The San Antonio Spurs—and in the city of San Antonio, he’s truly legendary. At the podium, he’s pretty darn legendary as well.

Enjoy this video attached from a recent Goldman Sachs conference. In a Fireside Chat setting at your next meeting, keynote speaker David Robinson will share stories about his time at The Naval Academy (David refers to as “The Leadership Factory”), his Leadership role that began when he was a rookie with The Spurs, his understanding the need to Change a Culture that needed to be fixed—and the resulting Culture that they created there in San Antonio.

We’re excited to find the perfect fit for your next keynote speaker need. And if its Texas for your meeting, they’ll rave about David Robinson. Text us today (310) 614-8653 with you meeting needs. “