Recharge your Team with “The Hero Effect” and Kevin Brown

Rave Speakers
7 July, 2021 • 1 minute read

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The best thing about this lecture industry is that every year or so, there comes a speaker who has a remarkable effect on audiences. And in a pandemic-stricken year, that speaker giving us all hope has been Kevin Brown. His talk: “The Hero Effect.” His platform: Any organization whose attendees are ready to be Heroes tomorrow. Why Kevin?: He’s a stellar storyteller whose gift to you will be a guaranteed standing ovation. Who has thoroughly enjoyed a Leadership keynote from Kevin? Blue Cross/Blue Shield, State Farm Insurance, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Maritz, Texas Land Title Association, Precision Door, Tennessee Trucking Association, Delta Airlines, Microchip Technology, Georgia Credit Union, and so many more.

The Hero Effect quite simply put, is being your best when it matters the most. Kevin’s message is a powerful philosophy on life that drives every thought, action, and result we achieve both personally and professionally. Your audience will learn the tools it takes to achieve greater results by eliminating ordinary thinking and mastering the habit of excellence.

Kevin’s key themes:

*Heroes help people and they go all-in every time they take the field.

*Heroes create an exceptional experience.

*Heroes take responsibility.

*Heroes live with optimism.

As meetings are going back to in-person, Kevin Brown’s speaking calendar is filling up FAST. Let us know your dates for this impressive Leadership speaker soon—current fee is $25,000 and he’s based in Orlando.