A storyteller like none other: Ben Nemtin

Rave Speakers
13 January, 2022 • 1 minute read

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If your audience has raised the bar with keynote speakers Kevin Brown and Ryan Leak lately, Ben Nemtin is a must-have keynote speaker for your next meeting. He gained instant fame for his Bucket List of unending possibilities and one of those bucket list items was to star on his own TV show: MTV’s The Buried Life.

Here’s a terrific example of Ben Nemtin at the podium

At the lowest point in his life, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and influencer Ben Nemtin made the decision to only surround himself “with people that would inspire me.” That one small decision completely changed his life. After creating The Buried Life for MTV–with the realization that so many of the things that Ben and his friends truly wanted to do in their lives were essentially buried by work, by school, and by life, Ben was able to create the most epic bucket list of all time. And that mission took on a life of its own, gaining raving fans along the way. Items checked off that list included writing a New York Times bestseller, having a conversation with Oprah, playing basketball with President Obama at The White House, and having a beer with Prince Harry.

The most powerful piece of this bucket list project however was Ben’s desire to give back to those who couldn’t fulfill their own bucket lists. THIS is the world you want to create. As Ben shares: “When you take this next journey whatever you do, just know that there will be ups and there will be downs. There will be times when you will struggle. We are told to be strong, get through it on your own, and don’t be someone’s problem. But the truth is–from someone who has been there–this is backwards. We are all human beings. And when you hit that struggle, know this: you are not alone. More importantly, asking for help in that time of need comes with no shame. Because whoever you go to for help will one day return the favor and come to you in their time of need. This is the world we want to create. A world of connectedness and compassion.”

Ben Nemtin shares that as you ponder your next moves in life, know that the goal you have–even if it seems impossible–is possible. But you need to take the reins and do it. And you need to stop and think about what is important to you. It’s easy to put those dreams on hold and get buried by the everyday grind. Shoot for the moon with big dreams and be persistent. Success depends on consistency of effort.

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