Accountability from Influencer and Keynote Speaker Alex Sheen

Rave Speakers
13 January, 2022 • 1 minute read

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World’s foremost expert on accountability and commitment, Alex Sheen is a five-time TEDxTalk speaker, author, podcast host, humanitarian, and Founder of the because I said I would movement. His work has been featured on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, the Steve Harvey Show, CNN, Fox News and more.

Here’s a terrific sample of a keynote speech with Alex Sheen.

Because I said I would is all about the importance of a promise. Alex Sheen delivers passionate and thought-provoking speeches about the importance of keeping promises to audiences across the country—and he has inspired individuals to make life-changing commitments to self-improvement and the betterment of humanity. 100% of the proceeds from Alex’s speeches to fund the work of his nonprofit organization, volunteer projects, awareness campaigns, character education programs in schools, and teacher resources. He is a two-time TEDx speaker and his work has national headlines on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN, TODAY, The Los Angeles Times, Steve Harvey, NPR, and many other programs.

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