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The photo every meeting professional hopes for.

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Last week we joined Ryan Leak in Las Vegas at the beautiful Wynn Resort for Heartland Payment Systems’ annual Diamond Conference. This was a celebration to recognize 3,000 key associates with Heartland.  On Day 1 of the conference we booked Chris Gardner–many will remember Chris as the real life portrayal from the blockbuster movie “Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith as Chris Gardner. Chris is a powerful celebrity leadership speaker, and many audience members grabbed autographs and photos with Chris after his talk.

The closing speaker for this Diamond Conference was Ryan Leak.  There was no movie trailer to watch, no Gold Medal to show off, no recognition factor for this large audience at all.  YET ONCE RYAN LEAK LEFT THAT STAGE, the line to greet him and congratulate him and take pictures with him was longer than the day before for Chris Gardner.

Isn’t that what every meeting professional strives for as their keynote speaker leaves the stage? We thought this group photo of Ryan Leak’s newest raving fans surrounding him after this standing ovation speech seemed to say it all.

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