FICP inks Ryan Leak; popular inspirational and DEI keynote speaker excited for November in Scottsdale

Rave Speakers has been a longtime Hospitality Partner member of FICP—The Financial and Insurance Conference Professionals. This important trade association consists of meeting professionals from a variety of financial services companies as well as insurance companies throughout the US and Canada, and their decisions as a group have tremendous effect on meetings throughout North America.

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17 August, 2021 • 1 minute read
Live from Chamonix: the most famous climber in the world stops for a keynote speech.

When you're hot, you're hot--and Academy Award-winning Free Solo rock climber Alex Honnold continued his huge popularity on the virtual speaking circuit this week with another awe-inspiring conversation direct from Chamonix (the highest summit in The Alps). Using no ropes, no harnesses, and just extreme planning and grit, Alex had free-solo'ed a 2,000 foot peak at Chamonix the day before this speech--and since there's no way down but for the…

Rave Speakers
11 August, 2021 • 1 minute read
Recharge your Team with “The Hero Effect” and Kevin Brown

The best thing about this lecture industry is that every year or so, there comes a speaker who has a remarkable effect on audiences. And in a pandemic-stricken year, that speaker giving us all hope has been Kevin Brown. His talk: “The Hero Effect." His platform: Any organization whose attendees are ready to be Heroes tomorrow. Why Kevin?: He’s a stellar storyteller whose gift to you will be a guaranteed…

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7 July, 2021 • 1 minute read
Meeting in San Antonio? We’ve got David Robinson ready to inspire your audience.

With in-person meetings back on the rise, our customers are flocking to major conference venues like San Antonio. And a local celebrity is always a hit for meeting attendees flying in from all over the country. “The Admiral” David Robinson spent his entire NBA Hall of Fame career with The San Antonio Spurs—and in the city of San Antonio, he’s truly legendary. At the podium, he’s pretty darn legendary as…

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30 June, 2021 • 1 minute read
Strahan and Andrews team up for a unique virtual Fireside Chat

You ask, we deliver!

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25 June, 2021 • 0 minutes read
“Let Me Raise My Voice” reaches new highs at MPI WEC this week in Vegas

Meeting Professionals International gave a jumpstart to LIVE meetings this week with their annual World Education Congress’ return to Las Vegas and the all-new Caesars Forum Convention Venue.

Rave Speakers
17 June, 2021 • 0 minutes read
Book now, get the Real Experience behind the scenes!

As we move back to IN-PERSON meetings, Rave Speakers offers the Full Customer Experience: Book your speaker or entertainment today, and reserve one of our Team Leads to be onsite at your meeting at no cost to you—to ensure the smooth delivery of your presenter. We’ll arrive early to walk the venue with you so your speaker will understand the layout prior to that early Green Room meeting with you…

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14 May, 2021 • 0 minutes read
Emotional Intelligence Expert Rich Bracken to Keynote MPI’s 2021 World Education Congress in Las Vegas

Emotional Intelligence: The ability to recognize one's own emotions as well as the emotions of others. Research has proven that people with high emotional intelligence have increased mental health, resilience, and leadership skills while improving upon job performance and dramatically lowering stress—all areas that are likely to resonate with meeting professionals still reeling from the work and personal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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14 May, 2021 • 0 minutes read
Jon Dorenbos: Bigger than Life entertainer and speaker will raise the bar higher than ever for your next large audience.

The last flight I was on before the pandemic halted meetings last year was a Delta flight in late February from JFK to LAX. I sat next to Rachael Aird, the lead meeting planner with American Express. Rachel spent an hour heaping praises on their last keynote speaker who had 1,500 attendees in the LA Convention Center on their feet cheering: Jon Dorenbos.

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10 May, 2021 • 0 minutes read
Magic Johnson: The Game Changer lessons from the hottest Leadership Speaker in America.

Rave Speakers is proud to represent America’s most requested motivational speaker Magic Johnson. Magic’s popularity has increased greatly with online meetings for at-home workforces, as so many more employees from a single company can “attend” a Magic Johnson keynote speech via zoom or WebEx or On24—and the pricing for Magic is half of his in-person fees. Magic recently shared a virtual keynote session with Tiger 21 in their Game Changers…

Rave Speakers
1 April, 2021 • 0 minutes read
What does the future of meetings look like from a Keynote Speaker’s perspective?

It may have taken a few months, but the transition from LIVE keynote to VIRTUAL keynote speech became mainstream by last June or so. And while speaker fees for virtual events were heavily discounted coming out of the gate, those numbers have slowly risen back up to their in-person fee counterparts.

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19 March, 2021 • 0 minutes read
Virtual mind-reading for $7,500? Meet Kevin Viner.

With a 30-minute virtual performance for $7,500 that combines Mentalism, Magic, and of course humor, Kevin Viner may be the perfect entertainer for your next meeting agenda. It’s a clean corporate show that’s been a hit for Google, Evite, Citi, Johnson & Johnson, Citi, and more. Here’s what our corporate meeting professional customers have to say:

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22 February, 2021 • 0 minutes read

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